Kylee Harpblossom

Head of the Hand of Mira


Kylee has many forms although see is usualyl seen in the guise of an half-elven woman. The true nature of her form is known only to a handful of members within the Hand of Mira.


Kylee was first encountered by the party during their first visit to the capitol city of Endcrest, Ladore arranged for them to meet with the head of the Hand of Mira to share the concerns that had been raised by Alhayim’s visions.

The event now known as the ‘cutting of the hand’ occured during their meeting. Seeing the eyes of the half-elf woman glow red Alhayim grew supicious. For some time it was unknown exactly where Kylee Harpblossom had gone – though the members of the Hand when asked would tell the adventures that she was in Everdusk.

Having heard about a defector from the Lotien royal bodyguard Kylee returned from the Feywild with the assitance of Curodor she revealed her true nature to members of the party to gain their trust. Kylee led the effort to retake Greymist.

Kylee Harpblossom

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